As a graduate of the University of Kansas, I received a Bachelor of General Studies with a Major in Film and Media Studies and a Minor in Anthropology.

Before my career in photography & videography, I worked in wide array of environments ranging from sit-down restaurants to the homes of the elderly and disabled. Many of the people I have worked for in the past eventually became excellent subjects to reveal their personal and uplifting story. While many of these stories were done in my own spare time or for school, the "everyday" people that went unnoticed by others in fact had an amazing story. It is these everyday people that I love to portray in my works.

With a love for documentary film, photography and a passion to discover more about the unique individuals that have surrounded me, my anthropology background has aided me in the realm of media as I have gained a significant understanding not only of people, but of the environment and cultures that surround them. Anthropology has delivered me with a knowledge that in my opinion is irreplaceable; and that is a knowledge of knowing how to respect and work with any and every kind of person around you. It is a vital connection that is necessary to portray your story, whether it be an engagement, pregnancy or wedding. It is not just "a photo" or just "a film," but a piece of art.

I do not consider myself to be a "traditional" photographer. Unlike many of those that work in studios, I work on location. Whether this be at your home, in the park, or perhaps even at your favorite coffee shop. As a documentary photographer, film maker and anthropologist, I absolutely love to capture the moments in your life that express who you are. While many of my photos have revolved around weddings, new born sessions and animal photography I have been moving into the realm of boudoir photography. I believe every woman should feel beautiful and through the boudoir realm have been able to highlight the beauty of the human form no matter your shape, size or color!

These experiences as well as the knowledge I gained while in school have helped create a harmony of my love for anthropology and the film & photography medium.

I look forward to hearing from you

~Roxanna Silva